Here we offer a small glimpse of what some of our kittens are
getting 'up to' in their new

'furr'ever homes.

(the photo's below are thumbnails, please click on the photo's to see our babies full size)

This is Fresco, he lives in Florida and he just loves to pose for the camera

My name is Meow'ski' (aka Evan)
Here I am with my new friend Sugar.

My name is Cinderella, aren't I pretty?
I live in Montreal, Canada

I am Daisy, I live in New York on Long Island,
and I have lots and lots of toys to play with..

My name is Ellie,
My new home is California

I am Emmy from Massachusetts
I like to play with my toy mouse

Hi, I'm Kiwi and I live in Florida,.

I am  Meisha (aka Fern) I live in Florida,
I am posing for the camera this way so I look adorable

Hi, I'm George in Florida.
This is my new 'furr'ever person Milton, I love him

I am Oakley, I am in Florida too.

I am Naya and I traveled far to my new home in California.
Now shush, I am pretending to be asleep.
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This is Boris and Natasha.  
We are getting all grown up and gorgeous now don't you think!
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